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What about the groom?

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It is commonly thought that the wedding day is mostly about the bride, and I can totally understand how that is easy to believe; they basically take care of the majority of the details of the wedding, the stress, last minute problems that arise, everything that should go right that goes wrong but… what about the groom?

It is more common than ever to find grooms who really care about what their wedding day is going to be like. Honestly, when I got married to Step, she did most of the planning process. But still, I wasn’t the typical groom; I didn't want to show up on my wedding day as a stranger or a guest, I wanted to be informed and committed to the most important day of my life. The day I made the most important vow to the love of my life.

So, If you are a groom, I recommend you do the following:

  • Ask, Ask, Ask. Even if you don't care, act like it. You'll thank me later, I promise.

  • Find something you can do in the wedding process and don’t be lazy executing it. Remember - love is about caring about our partner’s problems even when the issue might not seem like a huge deal for us (you might not care about not finding the perfect linens for the wedding day but for her it might be a huge, day-ruining problem).

  • Make sure you also look good on your wedding day. This might sound irrelevant, but as guys, we often drag our feet when it comes to planning the details. Make sure you find a suit that you feel comfortable in and that you like, this might seem like a minor detail but it could mean the difference between feeling confident or uncomfortable on your wedding day.

If you are a bride, I recommend you do the following:

  • Don’t assume he doesn’t care. Not all guys are the same when it comes to their wedding day, some of them will let you take care of everything but others want to be involved in their wedding day.

  • Give him a responsibility even if is small.

  • Communicate with love if a difficulty comes up, he might come up with a good idea.

Hope this helps. If you have other questions please leave a comment.

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