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Love Takes Flight in Ottawa, Canada

It’s not a whim , it’s all or nothing! It’s not just a spur-of-the moment thought, yet it is unbelievably spontaneous. It is that thing that takes you so close to tears, yet fills your heart with an ever deepening joy.

It is love.

It’s not every day that we feel the freedom to tell others exactly what we feel about them, nor do we venture to commit our lives to something so assuredly.

Once in a great while however the opportunity strikes do to just that. Couples like Carolina and Keith see that opportunity and whole heartedly decide to take the adventure. It doesn’t matter where they go, their love, their commitment and their new found freedom will forever last and take them up to the heights of an unending joy. No time for fear or second thoughts! It’s up, up and away towards the romantic sunset that awaits them in the years to come.

“No worries” they always say…. “That adrenaline filled smile is all I need for the journey…..”

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