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Five years ago in the Dominican Republic, I married the love of my life, never imagining thatwould become partners in one of the most rewarding and exciting businesses in the world—using photography to create art for couples in love. 


When my best friend asked me to organize her wedding, I discovered that everything about planning a wedding is fascinating. She had a very specific vision for what she wanted. My awesome husband shot the process from beginning to end and her wedding pictures were a huge success! My career was in marketing and communication, but I quickly realized that by combining our gifts Brent and I could create something different and very special.


We knew that if we could have a few minutes to meet and get to know our clients, their pictures would tell their unique story. Speaking both English and Spanish helped. No matter how crazy or out-of-the-box an idea might seem, we knew we could make it happen with a beautiful, romantic and contemporary touch. Although much of the time I am coordinating details with the bride and everything that happens behind the scenes, I have learned that I also love to take photos whenever there’s an opportunity. Being part of Sucher Photography is a dream come true.


Stephany Sucher


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Orlando Wedding Photographers

Orlando Wedding Photographers

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